The Invisible Vein Bandage.

  • Can you imagine a vein compression your patient does not even notice?
  • A modality helping to permanently eliminate varicose veins just within minutes?
  • And allowing immediate mobilization, even sports and showering?
VenaFilm® is a breathable adhesive polymer film, highly flexible and following every motion.
VenaFilm® offers the most effective vein compression with a maximum of comfort, even for sensitive patients and a wide range of applications. Textile compression media are no longer needed.
VenaFilm Advantages

What makes VenaFilm stand out

Provides continuous imperceptible compression 24h/day
Allows to shower
Allows to perform sports
Provides comfort and leg care


The most comfortable and effective vein compression*

* proven for superficial varices after sclerofoam therapy
Vein compression is an essential element in the treatment of venous diseases. But how do you accomplish the most effective compression with maximum comfort for a sensitive patient? The answer is VenaFilm®! Can you apply compression without having the patient even notice any bandage? Yes, that´s possible! A novel modular polymer compression system makes all those dreams come true.


The Compression Bandage
  • VenaFilm® provides a unique water-like compression: Invisible and intangible!
  • It´s a breathable medical film with high flexibility, providing effective and constant compression.
  • Selected hypoallergic medical glues protect the skin and provide excellent hygiene.
  • No daily donning and doffing!
  • VenaFilm® is the only compression modality allowing all kinds of sports and even showering.
(C) Dr. J.C. Ragg, Berlin, Germany

The Silicone Gel Pad

A nice companion with VenaFilm®

If focal pressure is required, VenaFilm® may be reinforced with a patented silicone gel pad. A dermatologically tested silicone coming from a cartridge is applied exactly along veins or lesions requiring compression for a while.

This kind of compression is much more effective than common textile media. It does not need donning or doffing and allows all physical activities.

After endovenous therapy, the silicone gel pad accellerates vein regression by 50 – 300%!


Have a look at some of our patients' results and see for yourself the difference we can make.

VenaFilm is world´s only compression modality tolerating showers – and being almost invisible.
Even large varicose veins may be eliminated within minutes, no surgery, no wounds, no pain.
Varicose vein with VenaFilm vs. Varicose vein without VenaFilm


Oct 20, 2020: U.S. Patent GRANTED!
“Adhesive patch or bandage for use in treating blood vessel diseases”
U.S Patent number: US20140163606A1
Jan 25, 2022: U.S. Patent GRANTED!
“Adhesive film bandage for medical compression”
U.S. Patent number: US20170065459A1

Invest in the Future of Vein Therapy

Every second child on earth is born with vein valve damage. 50% of them will develop serious vein disease at adult age. Venartis® knowledge can save all of them.
The VENARTIS® group, due to its history, has a primary focus on venous diseases. The originator of many of our projects was renowned Mr. Johann Christof Ragg, MD, founder of the European chain of angioclinic vein centers. He spent more than 25 years in intense research of vascular diseases and was the holder of dozens of medical patents worldwide. Today, VENARTIS® owns and continues his projects on a professional business level.
Investors are welcome to participate in the tremendous proceedings of vein therapy, which currently changes from surgery to minimally invasive techniques, and to effective prevention. There is no other company in the world like VENARTIS®, offering strategies and products for ALL relevant branches of phlebology, with several multi-billion-markets to be conquered right now.
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No more compression stockings!

Patients who receive VenaFilm® reported to:
  • enjoy a high level of comfort after vein therapy
  • are happy to get rid of compression stockings
  • save time as there is no donning and doffing
  • can wear normal clothes or summer clothes and
    can immediately participate in any sportive and social activity
VenaFilm® is an internationally protected trademark and is only available in licensed partner companies in Europe, America and Asia.

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The Venartis®Group is the world's leading force for innovation in venous medicine. Our teams are constantly working on improvements that every patient can feel. There is so much more Venartis® knowledge than we can present here - for patients, companies, scientists, and investors.

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